CHINA (currently)

KetaKOUGH is simply metal with its sound derivative of a musical idea where beauty was claimed to be found within a worm hole of computerized, non-emotional, mundane sounds put together for means of self-indulgence and self-gratification. From the birthplace of its home far away from the home originally achieved, the idea was put together to be self-produced, and self-performed, rather than having the constant agonizing stresses produced by performing required organizational tasks meant to be simple and easy. Influenced and infused with interactions with many greats and not-so-greats over the times - ben moody, black veil brides, delaney bramlett, general bastards, jenna syde and the watchers, ketaset, more than never, pc101, pete dee, pottymouth, utopia, with deepest regret, etc. - another idea has emerged.

KetaKOUGH is:

Mark Kough